• QUALITY EDUCATION in rural Nepal

  • CLEAN WATER improves health in rural Nepal

  • SANITATION improves health in rural Nepal


Resolve International

A charity working to reduce child poverty in Nepal



Education of primary school children improves literacy and learning for children in Nepal



Women and children can spend up to three hours every day just collecting water



Rural communities in Nepal without toilets are prone to disease and early death

Resolve International is working in remote Himalayan villages in Nepal to improve health and education

Resolve International improves the health of families in remote Himalayan villages in Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries, by providing hygiene training, clean water and toilets.

Our quality education programme for primary schools improves literacy and learning for their children.

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Cold start to January monitoring visit in Nepal, 6 am in the morning, at 2,000 meters

We take it very seriously when people give us money for our work in Nepal, so we visit all the projects to see where the money was spent and discover the impact on the lives of the people you have supported. This can mean wandering around…

Health improvements, constructing toilets in Nepal, a priority for Resolve International

In Nepal, 90% of child deaths are caused by preventable diseases and are directly linked to a single cause: diarrhoea. • Resolve International is starting work to construct individual toilets for each of fifty families in the hills of Baglung…

Appeal for clean water supply to five small communities in rural Nepal

Twenty seven rural families in Majhkatera gave twenty eight days labour to lay 6 kilometres of water pipe to supply water to six wash stations with taps to serve their community. A local water supply makes life easier and creates more time for other chores.