Appeal for clean water supply to five small communities in rural Nepal

Twenty seven rural families in Majhkatera gave twenty eight days labour to lay 6 kilometres of water pipe to supply water to six wash stations with taps to serve their community.

A local water supply makes life easier and creates more time for other chores.

Women and children in Nepal often make multiple trips to collect water from distant sources, taking several hours each day.

Families use wash stations to wash themselves, their clothes, they collect drinking water for the family and their animals.

Communities of less than 50 households do not receive water supply from their government, so when we visited the completed water project in Majhkatera there were requests from other communities.

We are launching an appeal to supply water to five small communities.

Sim Khola has 228 people in 45 households and one school with 300 children we can supply water to them all for £2,264.