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About Us

Resolve International is a UK based International Development charity working in Nepal.

Nepal is Ranked 207th in terms of per capita GDP (source: CIA Factbook) and is one of the poorest and least developed nations on earth. 70% of the population are subsistence farmers.
Many aid organizations are trying to help, but often their projects leave holes through which the poorest of the poor can fall. That's where Resolve International comes in.
We consult local people to decide the main priorities for children in poverty in Nepal and work with local partner organisations to deliver our projects on the ground in Nepal. 
We see our role as helping those often overlooked by larger charities. And we need your help to ensure that even the poorest of Nepal's poor have a brighter future.


Resolve International is focused exclusively on Nepal. The majority of our water and toilet building projects have taken place in Baglung District in Nepal with our local partner BYC Baglung. Baglung is known as the district of suspension bridges because of the large number of bridges. It is a hilly district, most of the population settled in the sides of the rivers. Fertile planes situated in the either sides of the rivers are used for farming. Baglung Municipality which is the main town is situated on the bank of the river Kali Gandaki.

Our Story

This is a story of a family which wanted to make a difference.
Jeremy Laycock returned from volunteering in Nepal with a desire to address the plight of children living in poverty who were not being able to attend school, worked in dangerous occupations and did not having enough food. Resolve International registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in 2006 with Jeremy’s sisters Hazel and Amanda on the board. Resolve International is managed by a volunteer board of Trustees, which still includes founding members Jeremy, his father Keith and his mother Gillian. The Board of Trustees now includes four non-family members.


Partnership working

We work in partnership with non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) in Nepal to research the most effective ways to provide lasting solutions. Local NGOs like Bhimpokhara Yuva Club, RUN Nepal conduct local surveys and work with us to develop budgets and deliver projects to benefit local children through improved sanitation and access to primary education.

Our aim to combat child poverty in Nepal is fulfilled through our programmes to improve the health and the quality of life for children and their families who live in poverty.


Our Values

Resolve International is working to improve health and education for children and their families in Nepal.
Our values and guiding principles: 
All children, wherever they live in the world, should be free from harm, well fed, cared for and given opportunities to improve their lives through education and training.
We believe that it is important to prevent harm to the environment and to promote cultural values. 
Resolve International believes in consulting local people and organisations to determine the most appropriate measures to improve quality of life in a locality and using local labour whenever this is possible. 
Our projects are delivered in ways that provide lasting solutions. 
We provide the means for local people to solve their own problems. 

We are making an impact in Nepal through our programmes for Education and Health— visit the case studies based on some of the people we have supported through these programmes.


PLEASE NOTE: 'Resolve International', is a registered charity in England, it has no links with any other organization with the title of 'Resolve'.